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               Nantong LiXin Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd of is located in Qidong of Jiangsu Province of the mouth of the Changjiang River, Only one river separates with Shanghai, Shanghai- Qidong bridge while planning make Qidong incorporate Shanghai to enclose in the city in an hour, the geographical position is very superior.
               Our company is it lubricate specialized factory of equipment to produce , produce various kinds of dry , rare oil lubricating system and hydraulic pressure component. Great variety of goods, quality is steady, the material benefit of the price. The products are applied to such trades as metallurgy , mine , electricity , jack-up ,transportation , architecture , port , shipping , cement , chemical industry ,etc. extensively.
               Our company insists on the aim of " developing , pursueing being outstanding constantly ", is developing the new products constantly, in order to meet various kinds of demands of users'. Welcoming to write to us or discuss heartily face to face, we will certainly meet your special demand .
               Welcoming domestic and international customer and would appreciate the advice wholeheartedly, sincerity is crossing , treat each other wholeheartedly , tomorrow creating brilliance hand in hand.

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